Running 295x35x19 & 265x40x19 on xdrive. Yes/No?

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Liittynyt: 31 Loka 2022, 11:36
Auto: BMW F10 525xd (2016)

I got lucky to get a set of wheels that I wanted for a very long time - original style 345 M5 wheels.
The only issue is - they come at 19x9' ET32 for the front and 19x10' ET34 for the rear. Or in more general terms 265x40x19 front and 295x35x19 rear. Now I had a chance to run these on my F10 525xd (2016) for a week before switching to winter tires and here are few things I noticed compared to my stock 17' 225x55x17:

1. The car is not as stable on the road. Front wheels are too sensitive for any kind of "track"
2. Braking is now also harder. I have to push the pedal much further on higher speeds. It gives better feedback and feeling but is quite annoying.
3. Fuel consumption. I knew it would increase but I expected maybe a 0.2-0.3l/100 but went from 5.1-5.2 on the highway to 5.8-5.9. Big jump.

However, I am willing to let it all go if I feel safe about one specific thing: transfer case. Tires that are this wide are not in the list of recommended ones for my car and are a lot wider. I can forgive a lot to keep the looks but don't want to mess the transfer case. Anyone had any experience with these? I would appreciate your advice here. Wheel calculators say there is 0.8% difference between the diameters, which should be ok, but still. Personal experiences are much appreciated. :drink: